The Tall Fit

Extra tall sweatpants for men, in sizes you are used to from your jeans.

All pants from The Organic Fit are available in different combinations of width and length sizes. We do not have sizes like 'tall' or 'extra tall' but use the sizing system you know from your jeans. Do you wear your jeans in size 34x36 (width x length)? Then order size 34x36 at The Organic Fit as well. To be extra sure, take your own measurements and find your required size in the product sizing table below.

The Hyperion Sweatpants

The Hyperion sweatpants is our first pants, which we are especially proud of. This exceptional sweatpants is named after the iconic, tallest tree on earth: Hyperion (Sequoia sempervirens). With a height of just over 115 meters, this amazing tree is the king of the Redwood National Park at the northwestern coast of California.

As of now, our sweatpants is available in 6 different sizes. You can find your size in below table, if you take your own measurements with the help of some simple household tools.

Waist size: In a relaxed stance, measure the circumference of your waist. Be sure to measure of the band of your boxershorts or the place where you normally wear your belt in a jeans.
Length size: Take measure of your inner leg length, from crotch to the floor. Take off your shoes and stand with a straight back against a wall. Choose a flat object (like a stick, book or a level) and clamp it between your thighs at your crotch. Next, use a measuring tape to determine the distance from the floor to the reference object. For extra certainty, repeat this 1 or 2 times and use the average outcome.

Your feedback

Did you take your own measurements and do you find you need a size which is just in-between two available sizes? Round up and pick a larger size. Take note that when washing your pants for a first time, cotton is subject to shrinkage. Is your required size not available at all? Please contact us. When the demand is sufficient, we will get that size in our product range.