Our story

At last, a fashion brand providing pants specifically for tall men.

As a tall guy, you are in a desperate need of decent pants with some extra length. On a regular basis, in your search on the internet, you end up buying pants in size XXL, giving you a bit of added length, but a huge increase in waist size as well. Upon receiving the package you are excited yet sceptical, how many times did you order a pants again hoping it was extra tall? Trying on the pants, you realize the waist is not only far too wide, but it isn't as long as you'd hoped in the first place. Disappointed once again, you decide to repackage the pants and return them to the online store.

Unfortunately the story above is a hard reality for many men around the globe. Even though a lot is being innovated in the fashion industry nowadays, simply producing clothes for tall men doesn’t seem to be a priority.

Because of stories like these, The Organic Fit was founded. It is our goal to provide pants of superior quality, with sustainable materials in different length sizes.

Company values

At The Organic Fit we put our customers first. We fulfill your need for pants with additional length. Below, three values are described which are of equal importance to us.

Customer service

Being able to deliver the best customer experience is what thrives us every day. Without you as a customer we simply cannot exist. Every day we do our best to provide you with the highest possible product quality and the best possible customer service.

Highest quality

We stand for providing you with high-quality products. We do not want to sell very high volumes of fashion for very low and competitive prices, the so called 'fast-fashion'. We are providing you with apparel for the long run: long lasting items produced with sustainable materials. Our products contain the highest quality of organic cotton, which is GOTS certified.

Ideal fit

Informing you, as a consumer of online fashion, with clear and simple sizing advice is something we do not yet see so very often yet across the internet. For large brands it is very common to have one sizing chart for the entire collection or brand. At The Organic Fit we believe in giving you sizing advice so that you never have to wonder whether the pants will fit you, once received.

Complaints or remarks

We do our best everyday to make your experience as a customer as good as possible. However, should you find yourself in a position where your experience feels different than that and you want to file a complaint about something you've experienced, please let us know and we will do our best to resolve the matter. We kindly ask you to fill out the form at our contactpage or send an e-mail directly to info@theorganicfit.nl.