The Organic Choice

Our pants have a perfect fit, and they consist of organic cotton - this is what the name Organic Fit derives from.

De fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry on the planet. While cotton takes up just 3% of the total available agricultural lands, it uses over a quarter of all the pesticides worldwide.

At The Organic Fit we choose to have our garments manufactured with 100 organic cotton. This ensures us that from growth to processing, no pesticides, insecticides or synthetic additives are used. Synthetic additives cause air and earth pollution and will damage the biodiversity of the agricultural lands. In addition, these chemicals are very dangerous to the farmers' health and their families.


The fabrics and other materials used in our pants have a GOTS certification. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) ensures us that these fabrics are organically grown and produced and are free from all the dangerous additives mentioned above. Furthermore, GOTS guarantees the processing of the fabrics is done in an ethically responsible manner.

Logistics process

To make our company's environmental impact on the world as small as possible we choose to have our pants manufactured close to where we sell them. Our sweatpants are produced in Portugal. Due to our relatively small amount of orders there are no suitable manufacturers closer to the Netherlands.

In our own packaging process we tend to use cardboard boxes which are durable and sustainable. In addition, we do not use any plastic. The only plastic in the supply chain are the polybags used by our manufacturer to provide stronger and more robust packaging when shipping them to our address.